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Workplaces are changing. Flexibility of location is central to fundamental changes in strategy about the way we work.

Modern teams work in various places around the world, different time zones and have overlapping projects and tasks. With all these factors in play, leaders have had to adapt quickly to keep the morale, satisfaction and motivation of their workforce. Understanding the needs of distributed team members and how to address them in turn will lead to increased productivity, achieving personal and professional goals – and retaining the best talent around.

Working with remote teams begins at building the culture around the practice and involve all members while aligning their goals and aspirations. Join Gihan Perera, futurist and author of The Future of Leadership, as he shares the key principles for nurturing talent in a distributed team.

How to lead from everywhere: nurturing talent in a distributed team

In this live, interactive webinar, you will learn how to:

• Build a team culture, even when team members don’t work in the same office

• Increase productivity and collaboration in your distributed team

• Align everybody’s personal and professional goals

• Involve remote team members fully in day-to-day operations

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