Live, Capture and Flourish with ‘The Mood Journal’

The Mood Booster Journal is the mirror that shows you in your best light to the only person that counts, writes Francesca Stainer

On my desk sit an abundance of positive thinking journals, bullet journals, mindfulness books and goal setting guides. But the mint green hardbacked The Mood Journal stands out as by far the prettiest.

Encouraging journalers to positively consider, reflect on, and commit these thoughts to paper, The Mood Journal asks about everything from skills and places, to scents and childhood memories. With each prompt on the creamy page, positive experiences and self-reflections are drawn out of the depths of our memory, bringing out otherwise forgotten special and unique moments and traits.

The dark secret of diarists is that we only really talk about the two extremes of daily life and news. And then it is only occasionally the great – but mainly the disastrous (Read: Recounting a day of disaster featuring a forgotten umbrella, a torrential rainstorm and an important meeting, peppered with self-scolding for once again sleeping through an early morning Yoga class) that makes the cut.

But The Mood Journal has changed the way I write. It has changed how I reflect on my week. And, slowly, it is revolutionising my outlook. Tucked into the back of the book is a ‘year of happiness’ section, allows you to reflect on the good and only the good parts of your day. It seems simple, but it truly impacts your outlook. The best feature is that the dates are not linked to days of the week, so you could buy The Mood Journal at any point of the year and still use it effectively.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using The Mood Journal so far, and seeing the pages gradually fill with positive acclamations makes it that little bit easier to make a morning gym class, be grateful and open-minded to the unique and special qualities I have. The gorgeous design makes a beautiful addition to anyone’s bookshelf.

Recording good things about yourself may seem narcissistic, but it may just be the approach that changes your life.

–– Francesca Stainer is a publicist at LID Publishing