Tap into company rivalry to make your organization a success


Let teams compare themselves against rival firms and reap the rewards, says BBC Worldwide’s people director

A great way to inspire your team to success is to measure progress so they can benchmark themselves against rival companies, a leading people director said today.

Kirstin Furber used this week’s HR Change & Transformation conference in London to tell delegates that staff competitiveness can be harnessed for company advantage.

“We do a lot of pulse surveys – they are really important,” said said Furber –who will feature as a major interviewee in the next issue of Dialogue. “They give you a look at how you are getting on, but importantly, it gives encouragement to employees. What we found was that employees were actually quite competitive – so if you start saying, ‘here’s our score’, or, ‘we are better than other organizations’, it starts encouraging people.

“Measure how you are doing and tell people how you are doing. Don’t hold on to that information – use it to give people encouragement.”