This City boss says Brexit vote is turning into a referendum on Cameron


‘Farcical’ situation developing amid British premier’s renegotiation, warns fintech magnate  

Dismay over David Cameron’s horse-trading in Brussels could lead to Britain quitting the EU, a leading London entrepreneur warned today.

Rajesh Agrawal, founder and chief executive of currency transfer exchange RationalFX, says the British public are increasingly inclined to use their vote to as a referendum on Cameron’s negotiation performance rather than the more important question of whether the UK should remain in the union.

Although Cameron is a europhile who favours remaining in the EU, his attempts to renegotiate the deal Brussels to show strength have led to a series of negative headlines in Britain’s eurosceptic press.

“It would be utterly farcical if we end up with a No vote just because Cameron is seen to have underachieved as a statesman,” Agrawal, a prominent British Indian europhile and business adviser to London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan, said. “The Prime Minister has framed this referendum in such a way that it now appears to be a vote on whether or not he has been successful in achieving his ill-defined goals, rather than focused on the wider and far more important question of whether Britain’s interests are best served by staying in or leaving the EU.”