Apps for leaders: Mockplus

DIY apping is with us, discovers Perry Timms

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We are drenched in apps, platforms and software tools, and yet still you may have thought, “I wish there was an app for… (insert the chore or process that irks you most here)”

Yet you didn’t know how to bring your idea to a developer, coding team or a new start-up venture.

Well there is an app for that.

Mockplus is a Web, iOS & Android app that lets you create the app you’d like to see built. No more sketches on a random collection of sticky notes; cobbled together slides of boxes and lines and fake sign-in screens. This app has everything you need. Mockplus states it is “…a faster and easier prototyping tool to help you make prototypes by making interactions with simple drag-and-drop and working on a team project easily and effortlessly”.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are the tools of this app’s trade. You can envisage the full functional flow – without the pesky logic and coding necessary – to become a UX designer.

Multi-user, social collaboration means you can inject teamwork into app design and testing; engage developers in other time zones and see how you can take a flat intranet site, website or lengthy slide deck and turn it into an intuitive, engaging and useful app.

Maybe we are all designers after all? See or Apple and Play stores.



Mockplus is an iOS and Android app

— Perry Timms is an independent HR/OD practitioner, speaker, writer and CIPD adviser on social media and engagement. Follow him on Twitter @PerryTimms

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