Dialogue author nominated for marketing gong


The Storytelling Book into book contest final

Dialogue author Anthony Tasgal has been shortlisted for the Oscars of the marketing books industry.

Tasgal has been named among four other finalists for the Marketing Book of the Year, an annual contest for excellence in marketing for his 2015 release The Storytelling Book.

Tasgal’s title is published by LID Publishing, which publishes Dialogue.

“In lots of ways it goes beyond a marketing book,” Tasgal told Dialoguereview.com “A lot of the implications apply to anyone who has to create any kind of communications. The section on ending arithmocracy – the overreliance on data – really seems to resonate.”

Want more from Tasgal? Check out the Q2 edition of Dialogue, out 1 March, to discover why behavioural economics is the key to great marketing.