These guys just hotwired learning and research


Cutting edge technology offers rapid-fire access to the best business expertise in the world integrated with tools to trigger discussion and craft your learning

Remember the last time your boss or client asked you to research a key topic on which they were about to base a business decision. How did you approach it? Did you download a few snippets from the web? Pull together what morsels you could find that were available on google? Or did you do some proper legwork, head down to the local library to see if you could find something more substantial and authoritative? Did you reach out to experts and counsel their views? You probably did the bare minimum. Few of us have time to properly research a topic, the fast-paced business environment put paid to that.

But new technologies offer a way to conduct meaningful research and, unlike the time-consuming homework of old, the systems are integrated, instant and agile. Blue Bottle Biz is a collaborative learning platform that offers instant search on its ever-growing library of 20,000 business books, containing exclusive premium expertise from the world’s most decorated business thinkers. By creating discovery paths, or following discovery paths created by others, you can grow and share your knowledge in a fraction of the time it took in the pre-digital age. Simple, intuitive tools allow you to highlight extracts, comment upon content and – crucially – see the comments of others, thus augmenting your research and learning with the expertise of businesspeople and academics around the world.

And the interface is simple and instant – after just a few minutes, you will be on your way to building discovery paths and making the step change from rudimentary googling to serious, authoritative research that takes minutes where it once took hours.

Now imagine going back to your boss or client to discuss your discovery path on the chosen topic that she can access at a click of a mouse. You’ve found five illuminating extracts from key texts that cover the topic. You’ve highlighted 12 key paragraphs within those extracts that help her cut to the core message. You’ve added a number of your own comments that illustrate how the evidence and theory you have discovered is applicable to the decision she has to make. And you can show her comments on the extracts from other experts, which will further aid her decision.

Years ago it would have taken days to pull together such a comprehensive evidence base for making a business decision. But technological change just transformed learning. You can now grow your knowledge and share it in the spare time you have between meetings.