Leading business philosopher Anders Indset rocks DES 2017

Who do you call when you need to kick off the world’s biggest digital conference? A speaker with talent, a wealth of knowledge, and that extra special star power.

The privilege of opening this week’s DES|Digital Business World Congress in Madrid was awarded to business philosopher and Dialogue contributor, Anders “Rockstar” Indset.

A well-established name on the digital and business thought leadership circuit, Indset led the audience through an inspiring, insightful and in parts emotional presentation exploring the future and the kinds of thinking we will need to survive in the years to come.

With an audience of 20,000 attendees, Indset was keen to highlight the pivotal role we have in shaping our own futures, and to embrace the idea that our futures most likely lie within cities, not countries – a popular notion with an audience composed of representatives from over 60 countries.

On the topic of innovation, Indset suggested we dedicate one hour a day as ‘thinking time’, as it is within dedicated mental innovation space that “we will find the great ideas”.

Discussing innovation in organisations, Indset believes that true innovation and the ideas that will shape the world lie in ‘wild knowledge’ – the raw data, learnings and experiences that make up the minds and lives of companies – encouraging corporations and innovators to embrace their ‘wild’ side.

On the rise of AI in the workplace (a major concern of many), Indset simply said: “[Humans] have to be extraordinary. If we are ordinary then a machine will replace us”.

As for the key thing for leaders to remember going forward?

“Empathy is the most important tool in the leadership toolbox”.

An inspirational call for us all to be more compassionate, thoughtful, empathetic and philosophical in our approach to business – essential tools we need in order to survive the future.

And what a way to kick off a conference.

Do you relate to what Indset had to say? Or want to ask more? We invite you to join us at the global launch of Anders Indset’s first book, ‘We Should All Be Philosophers’ at London’s Library Club tomorrow, 25 May 2017, at 6.30pm. We will also be joined by Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA and former Chief Adviser on Strategy to the UK Prime Minister. Register here for free tickets.