A look into Bosch: Automated Driving

High-performance driver assistance systems already help drivers reach their destinations safely and more comfortably. In the future, they will be able to analyze ever more complex traffic situations and act either independently or by supporting the driver.With each innovation, we move a step closer to the goal of accident-free and fully-automated driving. With an increasing level of automation, automated functions will reduce the driver’s burden more and more, thereby creating space for productivity, communication or entertainment while driving.

Bosch is developing technologies for an intelligent forward thinking vehicle — making the vision of injury and accident free driving reality. Automated driving synchronizes traffic flow, reducing travel times and fuel consumption. It reduces driver burden by taking over dedicated driving tasks — in line with each individual’s needs — allowing all age ranges to be mobile and safe. Automated driving allows the vehicle to become a part of the driver’s interconnected home and work life, making time spent on the road more productive and eventful. Bosch is developing holistic mobility concepts and services, paving the way for personalized environment-friendly travel.

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