Apps for leaders: Realtimeboard

How many meetings and innovation sessions have you sat in where the only certainty is the use of the flipchart, sticky notes or whiteboard? We bring people to a place; the discussion and energy is good and the outputs often inspirational and practical. What if you could replicate that in real time but using your smartphone, tablet or ultrabook PC?

With Realtimeboard you can!

The software includes an array of useful features text can be typed up and placed on the virtual whiteboard; sticky notes can be added and moved around. And the marvellous ‘business model canvas’ and ‘lean development canvas’ templates included makes this a congregating app – it’s a huddling platform and an innovator’s delight!

You create a board; invite others to it and – if possible – in live, real time, people virtually add to your whiteboard backdrop. The platform can replace the noisy chaos of a product-planning day, launch strategy or business-plan build.

Not yet a native app, this Chrome app still works on smart devices using the Chrome browser. Once signed up, you can connect to your team and invite others to join your ideas storming session. You can avoid complex email chains or the hassle of diary scheduling to get you all in the same conference room.

It’s a great product – get ready to kiss goodbye to flipcharts scrunched in the filing cabinet. Instead, keep an online record of those great ideas and smart suggestions to form an integral part of your project approach.

Realtimeboard captures the key data via the virtual, collaborative whiteboard – helping you bring an end to the high expectation but low realisation of traditional whiteboard sessions.

Perry Timms is an independent HR/OD practitioner, writer and speaker, and is CIPD adviser on social media & engagement. Follow him on twitter @PerryTimms