Coopetition in the new economy

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Leaders need to simultaneously cooperate and compete In the emerging global economy, companies are realizing that a substantial part of their value proposition rests on their ability to forge relationships to add value to their customers.The environment for business is continually changing: technology has enabled new levels of international trade … Read more

Competition is out of fashion in Silicon Valley

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Vivek Wadhwa examines the strange death of the market Thiel’s views are popular in Silicon Valley. Big Tech likes monopolies. To channel Thiel, why share the pie when you can eat it all by yourself? This murder of capitalism is happening in plain sight. Big Tech is creating fields of play where they are the only … Read more

How to be a trend spotter

Successful leaders analyse the world outside their window, writes Joe DiVanna [button type=”large” color=”black” rounded=”1″ link=”″ ]READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION[/button] Trends in customer behaviour and technology are moving faster than most organizations can cope with. Anticipating them, tracking changes and reacting in time to make substantive revenues are major challenges. The future of an … Read more