Five inspirational ways to get gritty

 Learning for success has two dimensions. The first is personal energy and passion. The second is an ability to demonstrate a growth mindset. Psychologists call this virtuous combination grit. They have found that grit is a better predictor of long-term personal, educational, and leadership success than intellect (IQ), emotion (EQ), or sociability (SQ). Here’s five … Read more

Placing the emphasis on relationships rather than roles, says Dave Ulrich

Dave Ulrich

Roles matter, but they matter less than relationships Debate continues about how to organize HR departments. Should HR work be centralized (functionally driven across an enterprise), decentralized (uniquely applied to each business), or delivered in some combination of the two (shared services)? I have tried to define the roles that HR professionals play to achieve an optimal HR operating model. We have proposed that … Read more

Analyzing the analytics agenda by Dave Ulrich

Dave Ulrich

At every HR conference during the past year, the importance of analytics has taken centre stage. Many hope analytics will be a “shiny new toy” that will vault HR professionals into their desired strategic role. Nobody can disagree with the concept of using data-based decision-making. But let me contribute a few thoughts on what is … Read more

The ultimate value of values by Dave Ulrich

Dave Ulrich

  In the past 20 years, almost every organization large or small, domestic or global has crafted a set of values. These often represent core beliefs and shape daily behaviours of leaders. They underlie a code of conduct and form the basis for an organization’s culture. Some criticize and simultaneously praise values statements because they … Read more

How people work across generations

Dave Ulrich

Dave Ulrich, Professor at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, and partner at the RBL Group examines how people work across generations In almost every management conference and popular press on the workforce, we are reminded how different millennials or Gen Y (born 1982 to 2004) are from traditionalist (pre 1946) baby boomers (1946 … Read more