Value from risk

In the digital era, leaders need strategies that place technology alongside environmental, social and governance risk factors. Andrea Bonime-Blanc explains READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION What does it mean to be a transformational digital leader during the perfect storm of systemic risk we are living through? At a time when several environmental, social and governance … Read more

A brief guide to digital technology

Leaders need to understand the basics of new technologies and how they can drive transformation. Mark McDonald explains READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The economy of the 2020s is a digital economy. Digital technology is making business activities and resources more information-intensive and more connected than ever before, and transformation using digital technology is near … Read more

Introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between: We are all ambiverts now

A world of emergent strategy demands that leaders be flexible in how they behave. Karl Moore explains READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Since Susan Cain’s bestseller Quiet came out in 2012, introverts have been finally getting the recognition they deserve as leaders. In the past, it was widely held that only extroverts could thrive as … Read more

The only thing to fear is unproductive fear

Fear can paralyse – or, targeted on valid concerns, can stimulate effective action and innovation On 4 March 1933, US President Franklin Roosevelt uttered the famous words: “Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into … Read more

Culture by design

When Pramod Bhasin created financial services firm Clix, he realized it needed a culture that put customers first and overcame industry norms READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Shortly after Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, the company launched its legendary ‘Think Different’ ad campaign. Featuring iconic people who had changed the course of history, … Read more

Five ideas that could save thousands of workers’ lives

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION A small improvement in safety at work would have a huge impact – and culture is key Around the world, 2.78 million people died last year due to work accidents or work-related ill-health. It’s a shocking, unacceptable number. But it’s also hard to really get our heads around. To break … Read more

Airlines have no room for complacency

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Airlines hold their customers’ lives in their hands and culture is critical to keeping them safe Safety, compliance and reliability are at the heart of my work and underpin everything that United Airlines does. Whether it’s one aircraft or 1,000, safety is our number one concern, for both our passengers … Read more

How to shape a winning agile culture

Leaders need to understand the components of a great culture for the digital age – and the levers for achieving change For many leaders, culture is one of the most nebulous concepts in business. It’s talked about constantly and blamed for lots of problems, but rarely seems well understood. Yet we know it’s powerful: when … Read more

Quick off the mark

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Epidemiologist Dr Jonathan Quick called the coronavirus crisis before many were conscious of it. How is he feeling now? As winter struggled into spring, Dr Jonathan Quick told the Observer newspaper in London that the worst-case scenario was likely to transpire. “Judging by past experience,” Quick told the British reporter … Read more