Dialogue Classic: Podcast – Bill Cohen talks about the legendary Peter Drucker

William A Cohen

LID Publishing talks to author Bill Cohen about his latest book on Peter Drucker’s consulting principles. In this episode Bill discusses the strategies and genius behind Drucker’s innovative approach to management. Bill Cohen’s books have been published 23 languages. As a speaker, Cohen has spoken on five continents, and executives from more than 50 foreign … Read more

Webinar: How to Lead From Everywhere: Nurturing Talent in a Distributed Team

  Workplaces are changing. Flexibility of location is central to fundamental changes in strategy about the way we work. Modern teams work in various places around the world, different time zones and have overlapping projects and tasks. With all these factors in play, leaders have had to adapt quickly to keep the morale, satisfaction and … Read more

Video: The future of the social impact on digital platforms

Today on EntrepreneurCountry TV, we bring you the keynote of John Arlidge, writer for The Sunday Times & Wallpaper (London) & for Conde Nast (New York). John spoke on The Future of the Social Impact on Digital Platforms at our 6th annual Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit in September 2016. EntrepreneurCountry on LinkedIn EntrepreneurCountry Facebook Page EntrepreneurCountry … Read more

Video: Marco Abele, head of digital banking at Credit Suisse on the future of banking

EntrepreneurCountry TV brings you the keynote of Marco Abele, Head Digital Banking at Credit Suisse. Marco spoke on The Future Banking at our 6th annual Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit in September 2016. EntrepreneurCountry on LinkedIn EntrepreneurCountry Facebook Page EntrepreneurCountry on Twitter

The most dysfunctional belief of successful people

Winners think structures are for other people, says Marshall Goldsmith One of the most dysfunctional beliefs of successful people is our contempt for simplicity and structure. We believe that we are above needing structure to help us on seemingly simple tasks. In this last video of the Stakeholder Centered Coaching video course about ‘Becoming the … Read more

Design the life you love

You are never too young or old to redesign your life, says Marshall Goldsmith You’re never too old or too young to look at designing (or redesigning) your life. And, it’s never too late or too early to create the life you want! In this interview series, designer Ayse Birsel walks me through her wonderful Design … Read more

The capitalism of give and take

  Reciprocity – not self interest – is the key to business success, finds Kate Cooper  When Charles Hampden-Turner and Fons Trompenaars critique different forms of free enterprise, they demonstrate a genuine respect for difference and an intent to find positives. The nine models of wealth creation they examine begin with the Anglo-American system, and … Read more

Expert podcast: Dorie Clark on making yourself heard

In the first of our series of expert podcasts from Inovation Ecosystem. Duke CE educator Dorie Clark says that since we live in a disruptive economy where careers and technologies are constantly changing, we have to look at how we market ourselves in a brand new way. Dorie shares valuable stories and insights on some of … Read more