Dialogue Classic – Leaders who can energize others are worth their weight in gold

The best leaders know how to boost their organization’s energy levels. That’s the way to make good companies great, writes Michael Canning it doesn’t take a physicist to remind us of the power – and, sometimes, beauty – inherent in a force of nature. While most of us are unconsciously aware of, and act in accordance with, forces of nature, for … Read more

China is buying US assets. So what?

Anxiety about the Chinese purchase of US chipmaker Micron flies in the face of economic realities, writes Phil Young Tsinghua, a Chinese state-owned holding company, recently made the headlines when it announced plans to buy US chip maker Micron Technology Inc for around $23 billion. Several analysts expressed doubts that this deal would go through, due to the low bid price and possible … Read more

One company started rethinking about thinking – and it worked

Baker Hughes needed employees who thought company-wide, not just about their region or division. Here’s how the company achieved it. Liz Mellon reports Imagine you work for Baker Hughes in Angola or Argentina. How well do you understand the whole business, let alone your peers in other countries? Baker Hughes (BH) is the combination of many companies that have developed and introduced technology … Read more

Arms around the world: the rules for leading global teams

  Leading international teams is a challenge. You need to know the rules, writes Liz Mellon ILLUSTRATION: BEN CHALLENOR The biggest challenge with a global team is intimacy, or lack thereof. We human beings are still pretty basic creatures, despite our designer clothes and fast cars. We are still happier spending time with people like ourselves and continue to find diversity a challenge. … Read more