Don’t believe the hype: Mindfulness has its downsides too

  By training your brain to think only in the now, you are reducing many of its valuable functions, says Keiron Sparrowhawk Many people today are looking at other ways to understand their thinking – and have used techniques such as mindfulness. Mindfulness can be very powerful. Through meditation you bring your mind and senses … Read more

The best leaders are servants to their teams

  You are there to give your people the tools to succeed, writes Kate Cooper “The servant leader is servant first.” So wrote former AT&T executive Robert K Greenleaf in 1970. “It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. This conscious desire brings on the aspiration to lead. That … Read more

‘The 100 year experiment with job titles is coming to an end’

Ahead of a major feature in the December issue of Dialogue, global management thinker Tammy Erickson says project-by-project job roles will soon usurp hierarchies Today, in most organizations, we divide the work to be done by job or role. Individuals are given a title, say VP of marketing, and responsibility for a broad set of … Read more

One company started rethinking about thinking – and it worked

Baker Hughes needed employees who thought company-wide, not just about their region or division. Here’s how the company achieved it. Liz Mellon reports Imagine you work for Baker Hughes in Angola or Argentina. How well do you understand the whole business, let alone your peers in other countries? Baker Hughes (BH) is the combination of many companies that have developed and introduced technology … Read more

What is a social ecologist, anyway?

  Drucker mastered the study of how humans interact with their environments. That’s why great leaders should learn from him, writes William A. Cohen Sometimes it is easier to define people by what they are not. Peter Drucker was often billed as the “world’s greatest independent consultant”. But he was not a professional consultant. He … Read more