Make culture visible before you change it

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Rise to greet the unseen hand, writes Liz Mellon There’s an apocryphal story about a group of monkeys, whose keepers prevent them from reaching a tempting bunch of bananas by spraying them with water. Once the monkeys have learned to keep away from the bananas, one by one, the keepers … Read more

Measure the ROI of wellbeing

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION The transformation of Barcelona shows why leaders should rethink how they assess wellbeing at work. Steven P MacGregor explains There are many dates in Barcelona’s history that, given their significance, have a clear sense of a before and after. 17 October 1986 is surely one of the most important. This … Read more

The UK’s 2019 Top Employers to work for, revealed

2019’s Top UK Employers are revealed at gala dinner in London’s Hilton on Park Lane The global authority on certifying excellence in employee conditions, the Top Employers Institute, has released its list of the UK’s Top Employers to work for in 2019. Assessing participants through a global HR Best Practices Survey, the Top Employers Institute … Read more

Every resource at its best

Not-for-profits must use every resource to full capacity in order to make an impact. Clean-water supply charity, Water For People, and The GC IndexⓇ are working together to ensure their workforce is one such resource. Kirsten Levermore reports Scarce resources. Two words that not-for-profit Water for People know better than most, as they strive to bring … Read more

Introducing, People Analytics

David Green sits down with Dialogue’s Kirsten Levermore in advance of the People Analytics Forum 2017 to discuss why data analytics is the next step in HR, and how you can join the revolution People Analytics is central to the future of Human Resources – at least, that’s what a clutch of the most prestigious publications, peers, award … Read more