Leaders should make daring changes in how we work

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Embrace this moment of change In March 2020 most developed economies began a global experiment in homeworking, at an unprecedented scale and at lightning speed. Within just a few days, millions of workers found themselves compelled to work at home, with an expectation that they would maintain their productivity without … Read more

Coopetition in the new economy

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Leaders need to simultaneously cooperate and compete In the emerging global economy, companies are realizing that a substantial part of their value proposition rests on their ability to forge relationships to add value to their customers.The environment for business is continually changing: technology has enabled new levels of international trade … Read more

Modelling culture

READ THE FULL GRAPHIC VERSION Perry Timms uncovers the Schneider Culture Model Time to reboot this column: from smartphone apps, to organizational ‘apps’ – the big ideas that help make sense of how we interoperate with each other and with systems of work. My first pick flows, inevitably, from thinking about the pandemic’s impact on … Read more